Saitek X-45 VAC and BMS

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Saitek X-45 VAC and BMS

Post by Static » 19 Mar 2017, 13:35

I just wanted to post this if somebody is wondering how I got this working for myself.

I bought a brand new X-45 (New old stock) on ebay for 25 dollars.
I used the X-45 Hotas Keyfile available on BMS forums (search for X45) or send me a pm I will email you it if you want.
I use the F6 key to issue commands through VAC (AUTOHOTKEY PROGRAM).... You need to use a script file to make this work the way I did.

When I push a button on my throttle it simulates hitting F6 on the keyboard(which i have VAC set F6 to transmit)

I use this script file program
AUTOHOTKEY Version v1.1.22.07

Joy6::F6 ; Have button #6 send F6 to activate VAC <---- this is the script

you can say Joy22:F8
Or use a plethora of concoctions......

The program comes with a bunch of examples in the help files that can be activated as you read the help ... than you can right click the script and say EDIT ... change it to this as above and save it ...... change your VAC file to Use F6 only and set a windows sound to notify you it is working. I use a very subtle windows sound so when I push the button i know it is waiting for a command. This program is so F ing AWESOME! VAC is amazing!

I do not edit the BMS key files so this was a easy EASY way to do it.
Works Perfect.


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