VAC profile generator script + comprehensive DCS/BMS profiles

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VAC profile generator script + comprehensive DCS/BMS profiles

Post by RISCfuture » 01 Apr 2017, 03:13

So I wrote a quick little VAC profile generator script. This script takes an easy-to-read description of the comms menus in a DCS game, such as this excerpt:

Code: Select all

F1 Two
  F1 &navigation
    F1 Anchor Here
    F2 R T B, Return To Base
    F3 Reference My S P I, Reference My Spee, Reference My Target
    F4 Reference My Steerpoint
    F5 Reference Tanker, Refuel
F2 Flight
  F1 *navigation
...and turns it into a VAC profile with full phrases like "Two Reference My Steerpoint." This way people can easily create and edit VAC profiles.

This is only appropriate for sims with nested comms menus (like DCS and Falcon 4), and currently only works with F-keys and basic keyboard keys, so it's a little limited.

To run, download the zip file and extract. You'll need to understand how to read and write Ruby 2.x code, as well as having Ruby and the Bundler gem installed on your system. Consult the example .vacc files to get started. To run, execute from the command line like so (*nix command line format):

Code: Select all

ruby generate.rb path/to/file.vacc > output_profile.xml
I've made some VAC profiles for DCS World for use with the A-10C, Ka-50, P-51D, UH-1H, Mi-8, Fw-190, etc. Virtually every DCS aircraft is included, as well as Falcon BMS. These profiles are exclusively for radio commands, and require you to key your PTT button first, for maximum realism. They're as comprehensive as possible.

Download the "VAC Profiles for DCS and" file to get them.

You should read the profiles through before using them; I've changed some of the terminology to be more standard.

For example, instead of saying "Two Engage Ground Targets," you would say "Two Attack Mud."

DCS: Warthog JTAC is completely unimplemented because the menus are totally context-sensitive.

DCS ATC menus are also context-sensitive, but I fudged it by changing the terminology. So, if you want vectors to the airport...

... and you haven't yet called inbound, say "Alpha Check"
... and you've called inbound, say "Vectors to Final"
... and you've been "handed off" to tower, say "Vectors to Runway"

If you want to cancel your landing clearance...

... and you have called inbound, say "Diverting"
... and you've been "handed off" to tower, say "Going Missed"
... and you've been cleared to land, say "Going Around"

If you want to cancel your takeoff clearance...

... and you are taxiing to the runway, say "Return to Ramp"
... and you're waiting for takeoff clearance, say "Cancel Takeoff"
... and you've been given takeoff clearance, say "Aborted Takeoff"

See the VAC profile for details.

Everything is said in one complete phrase. So for example you would say "Two attack armor with rockets from the east" without any pauses, and it will run all the keystrokes at the end.

Note that DCS now displays different menus depending on the number of AWACS/tankers/JTACs in the mission. So, if there are two tankers, you will see "F6 Tanker...", and then the next screen will have you choose which tanker you want. If there is only one, you will see "F6 Tanker - Texaco..." and the next screen will be the options for that tanker. To handle the former case in VAC, you must speak, e.g., "Tanker one request rejoin." To handle the latter case, you would speak "Tanker request rejoin." Just do a quick visual scan of the menu when you key the mic to learn which phraseology to use.
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Re: VAC profile generator script + comprehensive DCS/BMS profiles

Post by RISCfuture » 02 Apr 2017, 00:52

Updated to fix Static ATC voice commands and fix a crashing bug when viewing with VAC Builder.

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