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Post by Kan_Ajyn » 15 Apr 2012, 09:50

When I try to run the vac builder, I get an error [ Component 'MSCOMCTL.OCX' or one of its dependencies not correctly registered: a file is missing or invalid ]
I'm using Win7 and have dowloaded the newest file for Win7 from your site.

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Post by LionOfNarnia » 15 Apr 2012, 10:16

Hi Kan, glad you made it over here.

As I said on the workshop, there are quite a few threads in the main part of the forum about this issue, usually it's an issue with either UAC or not running in administrator mode. Have a look at them, if you're still having probs I'll ask Shift_E to help out.

viewtopic.php?f=3&t=202 is a good one to start with.
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